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The Express Customer Satisfaction Survey can be found at MyExpressfeedback and was developed by Express. This survey determines how satisfied customers are with Express’s services and products.

The information you provide will help the company in a variety of ways. The quality of customer service, the store’s ambiance, or even specific products sold are examples of this.

When shopping at Express, you don’t have to participate in this survey to access various exciting rewards. You will be able to make your opinion known, which is a plus.

You’ll be able to express yourself completely to the company during this time. You have the chance to do something that many other clients have wished for.

The company must access this data to assess which aspects work well and require improvement. Another benefit is that you’ll receive a coupon code for a discount.

While most offer a 15 percent discount on your next purchase, a few offer discounts as high as 20 percent. To give feedback, you don’t need to have written the code or even used it yourself.

How to take the Take Express Survey

When you initially arrive on the homepage of myexpressfeedback, you may access the Express feedback survey.

After that, choose the language you’d want to communicate in.

You’ll be prompted to enter the receipt survey code in the following area.

When filling out your receipt, provide the accurate date and time of your visit.

Begin the Express survey.

You’ll soon be confronted with a slew of questions. One at a time, respond with open and honest answers.

The order in which you respond to the survey questions is critical.

For the most part, customers will inquire about your visit, your order, and the personnel’s helpfulness; customer administration; air travel; express delivery; express prices; express locations; express hours; etc.

Please provide your contact information, including your name, address, email, and phone number, at this time.

After completing the survey, you will get a promotional code.

Take Express Survey Benefits and Rewards

Your next purchase will get you a 15% discount.

Myexpressfeedback  Survey participants will be entered into a drawing for a 15% discount on their next purchase as a thank you for participating.

Terms and Conditions or Take Express Survey

You must provide a receipt from the express shop to acquire the code. A trip to the shop is necessary to complete this task.

An age of 18 is the minimum requirement for participation. They can’t join the contest on myexpressfeedback if they don’t know satisToerequisites.

Recipients will not be allowed to transfer or exchange their prizes.

Only residents of the United States are allowed to participate in the survey provided by my express feedback 

To use the internet, you must have an Internet-capable gadget.

Worker shops, as well as the family members of employees, are not allowed to participate in the Express feedback survey.

On your next visit, you will be able to make use of the voucher.

For each receipt you have, when to complete the myexpressfeedback survey once.

About Take Express Survey

An American clothing and accessory retailer, Express is privately owned and serves young men and women. At the time of its founding in 1980, Limited Express bec a subsidiary of Limited Brands. By 1986, Express had become a well-known chain company’s fiscal year 2016enue was a whopping $2.35 billion.

Program pieces are made at the express design studio in New York City, which sells traditional and up-to-the-minute items. Express currently has its store credit card and loyalty/reward program that allows customers to accumulate points over time and redeem them for store rewards.


We’ve supplied all the information you need regarding the My express feedback survey on the myexpressfeedback website. The decision is yours to make at this point, whether or not you desire a discount code. As a consequence of your evaluation, the company will better understand how well they are performing.

Because of this, you should help them and wish them well in the future. Customer service, product quality, price, staff, and environment are fair game for your input, and one must adhere to all applicable rules and procedures to be eligible for the offer. In addition, please feel free to contribute any of your thoughts. FAQs

  • When they begin the Express Feedback Survey, what should they do first?

Answer: In addition to a recent receipt from an Express outlet, they’ll need an Internet-connected mobile device or personal computer.

  • Where and by whom will the survey be carried out?

Answer: they may do this by visiting and following the onscreen instructions. Any lawful permanent resident of Puerto Rico, the United States, or Canada is eligible to participate in the program.

  • How may they benefit from participating in the Express Inc. Customer Survey?

Answer: Participating in Express Inc.’s customer satisfaction survey will allow site users to share their thoughts with the firm.

Whether or not a customer’s expectations were fulfilled, and if there is space for improvement, they can offer feedback to businesses about the quality of the items and services they’ve bought.

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